How to wear statement earrings

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You may think that statement earrings are not for you, but hear me out.  Statement earrings do not need to take over your look.  The over the top thing is not for everyone!  There are ways to embrace this trend without going way out of your comfort zone.  After all, if you’re not happy wearing your earrings, then they will be short-lived. Here are some things to try to embrace the statement earring trend:

Make it big(ger)

They don’t need to be ginormous but yes, bigger is better!  Who said you can’t be your usual sophisticated self with a larger earring?  Try bigger earrings in brass, gold or silver, hoops or mismatched styles.

How to wear statement earrings by Two boss beads

Add a pop of color or two

It’s amazing what a bit of color does for your mood and your outfit!  Add a color that will complement your outfit and lift your mood.  It could be of the same color family as your outfit or the opposite.  I’m sure you have a favorite that you gravitate to...I do!

How to wear statement earrings by Two boss beads

Add some texture and pattern

Texture and pattern add layers of depth to your look.  Wear combinations of different textures or patterns or focus on one.  Try tassels, pompoms and styles that combine different materials.

How to wear statement earrings by Two boss beads

Have some fun

Sometimes we need to be reminded not to take stuff too seriously.  Something that makes you smile is always a good idea.

How to wear statement earrings by Two boss beads

So, go and experiment with a couple of these ideas.  See what works for you but make sure you still feel like you!  

Here are some Two boss beads statement earrings to whet your appetite!

  • Stacey on

    LOVE these statement earrings, Eliza! And you’re correct – I don’t think about wearing them for me but you may have changed my mind – these look stunning!

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